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“…undoubtedly the best options advisory service in the US today.” Andrew M. California, USA

Trade Genie leverages world-class options trading strategies on your behalf, helping you to achieve your dreams and live the life you have always wanted, for yourself and your family.

Welcome to our thriving community of tens of thousands of options alerts service subscribers who are consistently growing their portfolios, creating a steady income, and learning how to implement the best options trading strategies to their maximum effect daily, directly from our Master Trader. The cornerstones of our more than 10 years of professional options trading advisory services are trust and transparency, excellent customer service, powerful technical analysis, and a long history of trading success.

So, before we go any further, here are our recent trading statistics.

Trades Statistics

Last Updated: 07/14/2024


Total Trades


Win Ratio





Break Even


Average Gain


Average Loss


Average Days

Looking for the best options trading service and stock advisory services? Look no further than Trade Genie. We are a trusted name in the industry, providing top-notch stock trading services and online stock trading services to help you achieve your financial goals.

At Trade Genie, we understand the importance of making informed decisions in the dynamic world of options trading. Our team of experts has over 15 years of experience in providing professional options trading advisory services, making us your go-to resource for maximizing your investment potential.

What sets Trade Genie apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to trust and transparency. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, and that starts with open communication and honest recommendations. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, ensuring that you have the support you need every step of the way.

Our stock advisory services cover a wide range of markets, including major stocks, indices, and commodities. We closely monitor market trends, changes in trends, market strength, and volatility levels to provide you with accurate and timely information. Our team of experts analyzes market turning points, support and resistance levels, and major targets, empowering you to make well-informed trading decisions.

What makes Trade Genie truly stand out is our focus on delivering trades with a high reward-to-risk ratio. We hand-pick each trade, applying our technical and fundamental skills to maximize your potential gains. Trade Genie also leverages the wisdom of the market “dinosaurs.”

By following their footprints, we can uncover valuable insights that help guide our trading strategies. With real-time guidance for all our trades, you can stay updated and make timely adjustments as needed. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Experience the Trade Genie advantage and take control of your financial future. Start your journey with us today.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our members Reviews to see for yourself how much our customers love our services and are achieving rapid growth in their personal wealth.

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Our best options trade alerts generate rapid wealth by resulting in 100%+ gains and often much more than that. Nevertheless, we do not take you on a roller-coaster ride of high-risk wins and losses but look to steadily increase your profits over time with well-considered trades based on sound market analysis, combined with our advanced in-house proprietary technical tools.

“My husband and I started trading with Noshee in April of this year. We’ve consistently tripled our account every month.” Monica L. (November 2020 – Florida, USA)
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Top 10 Options Winners

1 TSLA15300.00%
2 META6800.00%
3 MRNA6100.00%
4 GSX4004.48%
5 URBN2950.85%
6 APO1551.79%
7 FB1020.00%
8 CSIQ775.00%
9 AGN746.15%
10 QS712.50%

Top 10 Index Options Winners

1 DIA311.09%
2 AG231.58%
3 QQQ225.53%
4 QQQ218.18%
5 IWM195.83%
6 QQQ178.06%
7 LABD152.37%
8 QQQ136.22%
9 DIA128.57%
10 DIA116.63%

Mastering the Art of Trading

We invite you to discover why our customers repeatedly describe us as ‘the best stock options advisory service’ available and see for yourself what we can do for you.

The facts are these:

The Good

  • Options trading requires far less capital investment than stocks.
  • Traders with smaller size portfolios can also participate in options trading.
  • Traders can take advantage of the high leverage options trading provides.
  • Three to seven percent move in stock results in 100% to 200% gains.
  • Through options trading, traders can profit from the market whether the market is trending up, down, or sideways.
  • Options traders can make substantial profits regardless of economic and political turmoil.
  • Traders can make huge returns through options trading, by positioning themselves correctly before a big event is about to occur.
  • Making the right trades at the right time can positively transform your financial situation in days, and often hours.
  • Options can be used to hedge your portfolio.

The Bad

  • Stock and Options trading requires developing a trading system that generates consistent, profitable trades based on the current market situation. This takes many years of study, trial, error, and perfection.
  • Stalking the next successful trade idea is time-consuming.
  • The learning curve is steep. Charts of financial instruments are difficult to decipher, taking years or decades of experience to master.
  • The terminology is confusing. It requires a minimum of 10,000 hours to master the art of trading.
  • Monitoring and managing open positions can be hectic. Keeping up with the pulse of the market is stressful.
  • Successful trading also requires the implementation of sound risk management.
  • Successful trading requires a high level of self-confidence, and trusting your decision-making abilities is paramount.
  • Delayed decisions, wrong decisions and making mistakes can be very destructive to the portfolio.
  • A passionate love of stocks and options trading is a prerequisite for trading success.
  • Your personal life needs to be stress-free in order to be able to focus and make clear decisions.
  • Your physical health must be in top shape, to avoid distraction and have self-confidence.

The Ugly

  • Many stock options advisory services are not experts in trading. They sell subscriptions as an unprincipled method to extract payment from new or inexperienced traders.
  • Many stock options trading advisory services are copycats. They subscribe themselves to their competitor’s options advisory service and provide the trades alerts as their own. They, however, cannot provide any trade management guidance to their clients.
  • Many stock options trading services take the lowest price of the day as their buy price and the highest price of the day as their sell price, although they recommended to buy late and sell early on that day. Thus, they always show nice gains in their trades on their websites.
  • Many stock options trading advisory services justify their trades based on poor fundamental research that is widely available on the internet. They lack technical skills and simply copy and paste the research to justify their reasoning for their trades.
  • Many stock option alerts services do not have your best interest at heart.They book their winning trades early to increase their win rates which deprives their members of the larger gains they could have likely made from the trade if they had held on longer..

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The best options trading services have an honest and ethical Master Trader with a huge knowledge and passion for the markets, backed up by at least a decade of experience giving professional options trading alerts, combined with a proven historical success record that is consistently and reliably profitable.

Our Master trader Mr. Noshee Khan is that person and you can read about him on our About-Page.

Mr. Khan has been our Master Trader since Trade Genie was established in 2010 as a professional options trading advisory service, ‘granting profitable trades daily’ as is our tagline.

“Hello ‘Genie’, I have put $750,000 since May 2020 and now my portfolio is at $1,250,000.” Martin T. (November 14, 2020 – Quebec, Canada)

The ideal options advisory service needs to go the extra mile to not only providing the best options alerts services but also be backed up by superb customer support.

To this end, when you contact our Master Trader by email or chatbot, he will typically reply to you personally within a few minutes depending on the time of day.

“You are a great person for trying to help others learn the market. Your trading services are like no other I’ve heard of. My account is up 4666% the last month.” Kailash M. (November 19, 2020 – California, USA)

Our Questions to You

Have you been teaching yourself options trading strategies but are struggling to make them work?
Are you an intermediate trader who wants to mix your trades alongside those of a Master Trader?
Are you an experienced trader who wants to spend more time enjoying life’s pleasures than studying the markets?
Do you want to focus on your business, your career, or your family life and leave the difficult options trading decisions to an expert whom you can trust?
Are you looking to grow your portfolio, create a steady income now, or secure your retirement nest egg?
If you are, then you have come to the right place.
Find out why tens of thousands of satisfied clients have enjoyed over a decade of proven success with Trade Genie.

Many thousands of our clients came to us confused, disillusioned, or burned out from options trading and found a whole new level of skills, knowledge, and success by joining one or more of our memberships.

We take the fear and stress out of trading by offering you sound stocks and options trading alerts with excellent win rates, great percentage gains, minimum loss per trade, and a quick turnaround. These crucial factors, which play an important role in growing portfolios exponentially, will revive your enthusiasm for trading and boost your self-confidence, while simultaneously growing your trading account.

“I am very happy.  I am up about $120,000 so far during 2020.  Mostly, your Genie Trades are due the credit for my success.” Berry M. (November 18, 2020 – Arkansas USA)

Discover why financial advisors and hedge fund managers are among our clientele!

We welcome beginner, intermediate and advanced traders alike, and offer a range of options trading advisory services to suit your experience, capital, and life schedule.

Trading Strategies

We provide you with the real-time, live in the market, exact buy price, along with three sell targets, and a stop price for each trade. We also provide continuous guidance for each trade from start to finish, so you can maximize the gains in each trade.

Timely Trades Updates

We understand the importance of timely trade updates. We send out important updates on our open positions and markets on a timely basis. This way you can relax and do the things you enjoy doing during the day.

Trading System Guide Book

A detailed 71-page, step by step, Trading System guidebook is provided to you. By following the steps outlined in the guide book you will be able to manage your trades efficiently thus maximizing your gains and minimizing your losses.

Options Trading Strategies Guidebook
A detailed 21-page Options Trading Strategies guidebook is provided to explain the most consistent, reliable, and profitable stocks and options trading strategies we use.  You can implement these strategies to profit consistently from the financial markets. All in an easy to understand format.

Trade Alert via Email & SMS

We understand how busy our members lives can be. Therefore, besides sending our trade alerts via email, we also send alerts via SMS. You can trade from the palm of your hand and profit from the market. It can’t get better than this. We also provide you with precise guidance and extra explanation with options trade alerts that require it.

Free Coaching Webinars

Trade Genie provides free education to our members via webinars so that you can improve your technical and trade management skills. We show you the charts of our trades and explain the strategies we implement in our trading and the complete thought processes of managing the trade from beginning to end. Our members find this method highly effective, and through regular free coaching, you can learn while you earn.

Free Education in Your Inbox

We also provide you with valuable trading education via emails which explain how to perform trades in a way that creates infinite wealth via Financial Markets. This education alone is worth its weight in gold.

“Thank you for all you do and have taught me about stocks, options, and technicals. You are helping me stabilize my future even more. I appreciate all you do.” Thomas L. (November 24, 2020 – USA)

Additional Information

  • We monitor major markets very closely in terms of trend, change in trend, market strength, and various volatility levels.
  • We also monitor market turning points, supports and resistance levels, as well as major targets.
  • We run mathematical models to determine the turning dates of the markets in the future.
  • We hand-pick each trade.
  • We apply technical as well as fundamental skills to each trade.
  • We only deliver trades that have a high reward to risk ratio.
  • We use our own proprietary customized programs to support our trades.
  • We follow Dinosaurs. They can run but they can’t hide their footprints.
  • We provide real-time guidance for all our trades.

“I joined you because you have been the best so far. I have signed up with so many and lost so much. I am now in your camp” Peter L. Arizona

Trade Genie actively enjoys interacting with our clients daily through emails and social media, as well as through our webinars and newsletters. We see ourselves as a community of friends all benefitting and learning from the extraordinary financial opportunities available in the options market today. We are dedicated to helping you create the life you want for yourself and your family.

“Trade Genie offers the best trade services, way beyond anything else I am aware of. Really can’t thank him enough but I can start by recommending his services 1000%” Ben W. NJ. USA.

Each of our memberships is tailored for you depending on your availability during the day, your portfolio size and experience. Join one of our plans on our available on our services page and discover for yourself why we really are the best options trading advisory service in the USA today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and starting right away to help you achieve rapid wealth through consistent trading success.

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