Many companies, websites, and individuals offer stock advisory services. Sorting through the different options and choosing one that is right for your needs is an essential first step in the process.

To help make this important decision, it is essential to understand the difference we offer at Trade Genie. Our stock advisory services offer several features that are not available from other services and some that are unique to our platform.

Transparency in Reporting

The first thing anyone sees when visiting Trade Genie is information about our numbers. This includes our Top 10 Options Winners and Top 10 Index Options Winners, in addition to our Trades Statistics, which are updated on a daily basis. Unlike some advisory services, we provide information on that day’s trades, including the number of traders, winners, losers, and breaking even. We also report the average gain, average loss, and average days, allowing current and potential members to have a complete overview of what to expect.

Level of Membership

Not all traders are the same. Some are beginners and some are experienced, and all have different portfolio levels, time considerations, and risk management comfort levels.

Trade Genie offers multiple memberships within the two levels, allowing our members to choose the right option for their time, commitment, and trading goals.

Education and Resources

We provide ongoing education and information to all our members. This includes access to materials to help understand strategies and the market and the option to attend free coaching webinars and access to our Facebook group.

To become a member of Trade Genie stock advisory services, reach out to us or choose your level and open your membership to get started.