Trade Genie offers a supreme level of service by remaining in constant contact, allowing you to take advantage of valuable opportunities as they arise. We handpick our trades in real-time following an analysis of trade opportunities according to risk and reward ratio.

What Are Stock Trading Services?

Stock trading services offer advantages like educational materials, trade alerts, live streams, watch lists, and trade rooms. In addition, they also provide you with the necessary skills you need to become a successful independent trader.

At Trade Genie, we have tens of thousands of options alerts service subscribers constantly growing their portfolios. As a subscriber, you may be able to create a steady income, as many already do. We focus on teaching you the most efficient ways to implement the ideal options trading strategies in order to maximize effect on a daily basis, straight from Master Trader, Mr. Noshee Khan.

Our stock trading services make it easy to assess relative risk in multiple exit target prices. When exit targets need to be adjusted to your benefit, we will update you while the trade is in play.

Trading On Your Level

Trade Genie offers a range of stock trading services designed to meet the needs of every member, regardless of their experiential, lifestyle, and financial requirements. Our custom membership plans are available for the casual trader who does not have time to watch the markets and the more active, aggressive traders with intermediate to advanced trading knowledge and experience. Contact us to learn more.