Options trading is very different than other types of investments. Instead of owning a specific tangible asset, stock options trading involves owning a contract that allows the investor to choose to purchase and sell the stock at a specific price. This is limited by the expiration date of the contract, with the investor having the option to act on the contract or not act on the contract.

The Benefits of Options Trading

There are several advantages to stock options trading based on the types of contracts the investor chooses. At Trade Genie, we specialize in providing our members with carefully selected trades that include all the necessary information, including buy price and three sell targets, all provided in advance of the execution of the trade.

If you are considering stock options trading, there are several advantages over other types of investments. These include:

  • Reduced initial investments – with the choice of options rather than buying a specific stock, there is a reduced investment with a potential for a high return.
  • Flexibility – having options as to when to sell provides different levels of flexibility and risk, which is ideal for more conservative or more risk-tolerate types of trades.
  • Strategic approach – at Trade Genie, we use a tried and tested strategic approach for all trade recommendations to our members. We also post the results our members achieve every day, providing additional information on the effectiveness of the market strategies we provide our members
  • While stock options do require an understanding of the market, they are an exceptional choice to provide consistent returns on trades over time. Contact us online for more information on how Trade Genie memberships support your trading.