Many first-time investors are young professionals that are consumed entirely by work. For this reason, it is getting easier and easier to invest in the stock market with the valuable stock market advisory services that are available. This makes it easy to avoid some of the most common beginner investor mistakes.

Following Trends

Without stock market advisory services, it can be tempting as a newcomer to follow trends. At Trade Genie, we can show you that successful investing is more than buying low and selling high.

Failing to Plan

All too often, first-time investors will pour money into the market without having their minds set on an end goal. This causes erratic and reckless investment patterns that could lead to loss. Without stock market advisory services, new investors tend to trade on guesswork as opposed to actual facts.

Personal Bias

Just because you really like a certain company does not mean that is the best place to invest your hard-earned money. Personal bias does not guarantee positive returns. Do not let fear or greed sway your decisions and let Trade Genie show you how to make investment decisions without letting your emotions get in your way.

Holding On to Poor Performers

Those who are new to investing often make the mistake of holding on to stocks that are not performing well in hopes that one day their performance will improve. Failing to sell before a stock falls to its original price could cost you. Contact Trade Genie to find out what we can do for you.