At Trade Genie, we believe the most important part of our service is to effectively communicate with and educate our members about stock and options trading strategies. We do this from experience and expertise, including the proven results our Master Trader, Mr. Noshee Khan, has achieved since first entering the market in 2003.

As one of the most successful traders throughout the United States, Mr. Khan provides personal oversight of all aspects of the platform and teaches members through online courses and coaching. This is in addition to the wealth of information provided in guides, webinars, and trade analyses provided with each membership level.

Different Membership Levels

We offer the best online stock trading services that are designed to reflect the needs of each of our members. There are two different classes of memberships, which are the beginner and the experienced level.

Within these two main levels, we then offer three different options at the beginner level and seven memberships at the experienced level. With different monthly costs and various trades, portfolio requirements, and the amount of time required for the trade, our members can choose the option that best fits their needs.

Customer Service and Support

Consistently rated by our members as the best online stock trading services, we focus on providing customer service and support. This allows our team to respond to questions quickly and provide our members with personalized service.

In addition, we offer the best online stock trading services through transparency. To review the latest real-world trading data from our members, see us at