Mastering the Markets – Coaching Programs

Learn to trade stock and options like a pro with our range of in-depth courses on trading mastery, written and presented by our Master Trader, Mr. Noshee Khan.

Noshee has made his fortune in stock and options trading, has a passion for the markets, and still trades daily. We are so blessed that he feels the desire to share his knowledge and says that doing so is his “greatest reward.”

Successful stock and options trading can create enormous wealth rapidly. Browse the gains on our winners’ page to see the potential our clients are realizing.

Becoming a successful trader takes years of intensive research, study, trial, and error, combined with commitment, determination, and developing the right mindset.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

Our trading courses lift the lid on trading secrets and move your knowledge and skills forward by years.

The fastest way to become a master in any subject is to be coached personally by a master.

Mr. Noshee Khan is one of the very few masters of stock and options trading who also has the exceptional ability to condense and convey the most difficult technical concepts in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way.

You will learn the specialist trading knowledge and expertise he has refined and distilled from nearly two decades of experience, allowing you quickly to excel in stock and options trading yourself.

You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to losses while leveraging the best trading strategies to achieve maximum gains. Our courses quickly pay for themselves on this basis alone.

Suppose you are exceptionally passionate about achieving success in stock trading and want to learn the expert’s secrets. In that case, we urge you not to miss this rare opportunity to study directly with our master trader. Noshee is also a masterful teacher and is ready to give you the knowledge you need to transform your financial future.

We are offering two courses at the moment.

1 – Mastering the Markets – Duplicating Success

Smart people know that to be successful, they need to model those who have already succeeded. The idea is that if some traders can achieve extraordinary success, then other traders can achieve that success also.

Trading is one of the most challenging professions to make an easy dollar. However, acquiring trading skills is easy if you know how the top traders execute their trading strategies and which trading strategies they employ. Traders who have a burning desire to succeed know that they need to model top traders who have already succeeded in creating infinite wealth for themselves.


It is simple! By duplicating the trading strategies that top traders execute to succeed every day and adopting their mental state when trading.

  • Are you ready for the challenge?
  • Do you want to know how top traders succeed?

We invite you to our six-session course and learn the essential techniques that the world’s most highly successful traders perform every day to succeed.

In this course, students learn:

  1. The most crucial factor in their trading success
  2. The vital ingredients needed to succeed in trading
  3. The hidden psychological factors affecting their trading
  4. Top traders low-risk trading game plan
  5. Components of trading system control
  6. Most critical steps in executing any successful trade.
  7. Self-sabotaging tendencies that are affecting their trading
  8. How and why trading disasters occur and how to avoid them
  9. The most common factor causing trading mistakes
  10.  Who is influencing their trading performance, and how?
  11.  What it takes to be a happy and successful trader
  12.  How to evaluate their trading performance on a proven scale to achieve trading success
  13.  How implementing the law of attraction brings infinite wealth to their trading
  14.  Secrets to creating unlimited wealth.

Three tools are provided to students to help them improve their trading performance immediately.

Students also receive a list of resources that top traders employ in ensuring their trading success.

Students will receive specific action items to complete at the end of each of the six training sessions. These are the same actions top traders take to achieve in the market and create infinite wealth. You can start benefitting from them immediately.

Mr. Noshee Khan created this course after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of training with the industry’s leading experts.

During this six-day course, you will get your hands on the proven mental strategies that top traders adopt every day to create continuous wealth for themselves and their families.

  • We teach from 5 PM Pacific Time to 6:30 PM Pacific Time.
  • Two sessions per week
  • Numbers are limited to 12 students.
  • Suitable for all levels of trading experience.
  • Pre-course study work will be provided.
  • Course start Date May 7, 2021

2 – Mastering the Markets – Technical Analysis

My mentor, ‘Chief’, asked me 14 years ago, “Noshee, do you have what it takes to become an extraordinary trader?”

Noshee answered, “Yes, Chief!”

  • Are you longing to have a trading system of your own?
  • Do you want to trade with an edge over other traders?
  • Are you using a complex trading system?
  • Are you having difficulty simplifying your trading system?
  • Are you not being consistent in generating profits?
  • Are you having problems identifying the low-risk trade ideas?

In our “Mastering the Markets – Technical Analysis” one-year coaching program, our master trader, Noshee Khan, teaches you how to become a master trader. Our objective is to transform you into a highly profitable trader. You will burn the bridges that are holding you back from financial freedom and inner happiness. Our one-year coaching program will systematically solve your trading problems. You will wish you knew these secrets a long time ago.

It is still not too late to book our 150-minute “Discovery Session” appointment and learn how to take your trading to the next level.

Here are some of the chronic issues you may be facing right now:

  • Do you suffer from over-complication and can’t seem to pull the trigger?
  • Do you have fear, anger, or depression due to not being able to trade independently?
  • Do you go on a roller-coaster ride each day, each week, and each month?
  • Do you want to be self-reliant and do not want an outside opinion?
  • Do you have certain trading beliefs but are not able to put them into action?

Do you know it takes time?

  • To develop your trading style
  • To develop competency
  • To be self-reliant

Through our one-year coaching program, you will develop your trading style and competency and become self-reliant. You will complete the entire wealth creation process in a two-hundred-page document that you will make during the course, which you can refer to all your life while continuing to expand.

“Your coaching is the real deal. It teaches you the discipline necessary to succeed, the methods to get into and out of trades successfully, and how to build confidence in your trades. A semester at my local University of Toledo is roughly $9500. Your coaching is the length of two college semesters, and what I learned from it I can trade for the rest of my life.” Thomas L. (Toledo, Ohio, USA – January 21, 2021)

By enrolling in our one-year coaching program, “Mastering the Markets – Technical Analysis,” you will be able to build your trading system along with a solid trading plan to go with it.

Take the Bold step.

Success follows those who are brave and courageous. Triumph evades the timid who cannot make up their mind about what they want out of life.

NOW is the time to act.

You have a choice!

Remember, trading is one of the most challenging professions to make a living out of.

You can learn on your own and spend year after year digging through books, materials on the internet and putting your hard-earned savings on the line for courses that take you nowhere.

It takes 10,000 hours to achieve some level of success and 20,000 hours of practice to develop mastery. Do you have this many hours at your disposal? A simple math calculation tells us that ten thousand hours equal five years. Do you have five years to learn to trade on your own?

Another alternative is to seek help from an expert trader who has been doing it for 18 years and helping thousands of other traders create financial wealth.

“I used to panic. Since your coaching, I have learned to look at it as an opportunity to make money when stock gaps to support and bounces on trend lines.” Thomas L. (Toledo, Ohio, USA – October 29, 2020)

Acquiring trading mastery is easy and duplicable. It is a well-known fact that if two or more people have mastered any skill, others can.

Before Coaching – Issues

  1. They were overwhelmed, frustrated, and were wiping out their trading accounts
  2. They were trading with the mental state of anger, euphoria, and fear
  3. They were in a state of confusion, insecurity, and stress
  4. They were making mistakes and self-sabotaging their trading accounts
  5. They were trading with a trading system that was too complex and complicated.
  6. They were taking help from a trading plan that exists only in their minds.
  7. They were jumping the gun at whatever moves
  8. They did not know where to exit or even know that it is time to exit the trade.
  9. They did not have an idea on how to minimize their losses.
  10.  They desired to achieve too much too fast.
  11.  Being bent on revenge trading

After Coaching – Transformations

Through our mastering the markets coaching program, our students achieve extensive transformations. Some of these are transformations are:

  1. Studentsmasterkey chart patterns that have unique characteristics.
  2. Students can identify Dinosaurs.
  3. Students learn to create Internal Maps.
  4. Students understand the hidden moves in the markets.
  5. Students learn Bruce Lee’s practicing technique.
  6. Students create the most profitable mini-trading plans as well as one comprehensive trading plan.
  7. Students learn how to build their live trading processes, rules, and trading checklists.
  8. Studentscantrade live markets with a relaxed, calm, collected, and confident mindset, ensuring consistent profits.
  9. Students learn to create trading edges over other traders.
  10.  Students learn to track the critical data and how to track them.

Access to our mastery course is not a given and is not for the half-hearted.

Our master trader Noshee Khan makes a massive commitment to training you to mastery level over a year. He requires that his students also have a commitment level of 11 on a scale of 1 to 10!

Students are required to have a level of trading experience high enough to absorb the in-depth knowledge that Noshee will share with you.

Before acceptance in this course, each applicant will need to pass a rigorous one-to-one 150-minute interview with our master trader.

The cost of this interview is a non-refundable $97 and is a lesson in itself.

After you register your interest via the link below, we will contact you to ascertain if this course is suitable for you and if you should proceed with the interview.

Student numbers are limited to a maximum of 21 so that Noshee can give you the full attention required to take you to a master-level trader.

We invite you to bring your passion for creating infinite wealth from the financial markets. Join our exclusive one-year coaching program to advance your trading skills by ten years and attain the confidence and knowledge you require to ensure your financial future.