The decision to add stock options trading to your investment strategy is wise for several reasons. Stock options trading requires a limited amount of initial capital as it is based on bidding on a contract, not actually acquiring an asset as in purchasing stocks.

However, the nature of stock options trading is complex and complicated. It requires confidence, an understanding of market behavior, and the ability to decipher complicated financial instruments, market reports, and understand the strategy and art of options trading.

Many of our members at Trade Genie have tried to get into the market on their own. Some had initial success but were unable to repeat the process to create a steady income stream over time. Others had challenges in understanding how to choose the right stock options and how to manage a market that was going up or down. They also experienced one or more of these common stock options trading mistakes.

No Strategy

It is impossible to develop a strategy for trading stock options without an understanding of all facets of the market. This is where the market analysis and research offered by Trade Genie becomes an invaluable resource. We develop the strategy to match the market and optimize your earnings.

Investing on Emotions

It is not uncommon for new and experienced traders to rely on emotions when investing. This means making decisions based on confidence in the knowledge of all aspects of the trade. It also means having an exit strategy and using that strategy rather than making last-minute changes based on emotions.

Let the Trade Genie team help you avoid common mistakes and learn proven trading strategies for stock options. For more information, reach out to us today.