At Trade Genie, we realize that not all people interested in stock and options trading have the same goals, understanding of the markets, knowledge of trading strategies, and investment capital.

Therefore, our stock advisory services are broken down into two different levels, our beginner and our experienced trader solutions. Within the beginner level, members can choose from three different memberships, and at the experienced level there are seven membership options.

Beginner Level

The first step in using our stock advisory services is to select the appropriate level. Many of our members have a foundational knowledge of the market but limited experience or success in trading.

For these individuals, the beginner’s level is the right choice. This is also the ideal level if you are not able or interested in following the markets on a daily basis. It is also the right choice if you are knowledgeable about the markets but want a done-for-you approach to trading. These memberships are offered at a low monthly rate and are designed to allow a steady growth of income from trades over time. With the different choices, you can opt for the risk tolerance, target level, and profit objectives that are in your comfort zone.

Experienced Level

Our stock advisory services for experienced traders provide the level of support needed, including those who only need trade advice but are managing their own trades. With a number of different packages and options, experienced traders can choose the level of support, learning, and information on markets available through our services.

To find out more about the various memberships we offer for beginner and experienced traders, contact the team at Trade Genie today.