Guess what’s catching our eye today?

SAVE is making waves, and we’re riding the wave with a heavy volume buy.

Yep, we’re long on SAVE!

Flashback a few weeks, and this same stock was doing the limbo with a crash-and-burn scenario, tons of volume and all. Now, here’s the kicker – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

What’s trash to one might just be a goldmine to another. Today, we’re seeing potential where others saw pitfalls. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and ride this rollercoaster to the top!

Cheers to finding the gold in the midst of the market madness!

Why are Trade Genie members bullish on SAVE?

Let us share with you the compelling reasons that have led to our conviction.

Spirit-JetBlue Merger Potential
The merger between Spirit and JetBlue remains a pivotal catalyst for SAVE. This consolidation promises synergies, expanded market reach, and enhanced operational efficiency, all of which often generate positive investor sentiment. The merger prospects alone suggest a favorable long-term trajectory for Spirit Airlines.

Recent Endorsement Pre-Merger
The endorsement of Spirit Airlines as a buy before the merger indicates underlying strength. Positive assessments before major events like mergers often signal confidence in the company’s fundamentals, reinforcing the rationale for a long position. Analysts might see potential value and growth opportunities in Spirit Airlines, which can bode well for long-term investors.

Potential for Closure Despite Weak Trading
Despite a period of weak trading or market volatility, the likelihood of the Spirit-JetBlue merger closing remains intact. Market fluctuations might not necessarily reflect the true value or prospects of the merger. The long-term benefits of the consolidation could outweigh short-term market jitters, providing a compelling reason to go long on SAVE.

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