One of the most critical factors for investors is to work with an options advisory service with a proven track record of supporting investors at all levels. Trade Genie is a service with over a decade of proven support for investors at all levels of experience. Founder and Master Trader Noshee Khan has over 18 years of investment experience and expertise in working with top investors and industry experts in the development of online trading platforms and forums.

Through this expertise and experience, Trade Genie was developed. Our goal is the success of each of our members by adding to their portfolio and providing the financial freedom they desire for their specific financial goals.

Investment Recommendations

We offer tried and tested strategies through the service. Our team researches and evaluates all recommendations, providing our members with options and trades that are specific to their level of experience and their financial commitment.

The best strategies are ones that work for the investor. Using our platform for the beginner or experienced investors, we provide specific numbers of trades, profit objectives, and information on buy and sell targets that are provided in advance.

In addition to updating members about trade alerts and timelines, we also provide our own Trade System Guide, trade management strategy, and ongoing webinars and support. We find this combination, regardless of the experience level of our members, helps to develop insight and understanding, allowing members to begin making their own options trades or continuing to use our service.

Through our levels, traders can find the best strategy to meet their time, investment, and risk comfort. For more information, get in touch with us today.