There are many different websites, blogs, articles, YouTube videos, and online courses that provide a lot of misinformation about options trading. At Trade Genie, many of our members come to us after finding out the limitations of many other memberships and advisory services and falling into the trap of believing many of the common myths about options trading strategies.

To help clarify this and debunk two of the most frequently heard myths about options trading strategies, we will explore these common misbeliefs that are preventing many people from taking advantage of these markets.

Myth: No Strategy is Needed

There is a requirement to use proven options trading strategies. Without a strategy, the trader is just making an educated guess or sometimes simply making a choice based on a current trend in the price.

In reality, the markets only provide an ongoing profit if you do the research and the work. This is where Trade Genie is so effective. We manage all the research, risk analysis, time horizons, and pricing factors for you and provide this information in simple, manageable texts to buy and sell to make a profit.

Myth: Options Trading is Risky

Any type of investment or trade is risky. However, the choice of trading options allows traders to choose their risk tolerance level as in any type of market. The result is a combination of short and long-term trading that can provide a constant stream of income with levels of risk that are comfortable for the trader.

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