Options Trading Strategies

Trade Genie has firmly established a reputation for remarkable success in options trading strategies, evident through our consistent track record of numerous winning trades since 2010. A significant contributor to Trade Genie’s triumph is our esteemed Master Trader, Mr. Noshee Khan, whose exceptional analytical skills played a crucial role in developing our proprietary trading system. This very system empowered him to leave his job at SAP, where he earned $120 per hour, and pursue a full-time career in trading.

Our extensive experience and expertise in options trading services set Trade Genie apart, allowing our members to consistently earn profits from their options trades. Unlike other stock options advisory firms that make lofty promises without the necessary experience to back them up, we offer a proven track record of success. These firms often sell subscriptions to trendy methods lacking a genuine history of success, leaving their subscribers in a state of uncertainty and financial burden due to frequent losses outweighing their wins. Furthermore, these services fail to provide reliable and proven strategies, leaving their subscribers without a consistent approach to navigate the market, leading to further losses.

At Trade Genie, we achieve an impressive success rate, with over 90% of our trades resulting in profits for our clients. This means that more than 9 out of every 10 trades yield positive outcomes. With such a remarkable track record, you can confidently rely on our guidance and strategy in selecting companies and setting up options to consistently win and profit from our options trading services. We offer subscription services tailored for both beginner and experienced traders, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our proven strategies and guidance. Join us today to experience how our time-tested approaches can help you achieve consistent success and financial independence through options trading.