With any online service type, people have options to choose from one company or service provider over another. Making the choice between different options trading advisory providers should not be difficult if you take the time to compare what is offered.

Trade Genie is one of the few services that is operated by a Master Trader. Mr. Noshee Khan has been in the market since 2003 and started Trade Genie in 2010. Unlike some of the services, Mr. Khan has a career in trading and has a proven background in success both as a trader and business owner who is passionate about helping others to be successful in the markets.

Free Education and Information

Every Trade Genie membership, from beginner to experienced levels, provides access to free coaching webinars and guides that assist traders in learning more about the markets. We believe the best trading advisory services should have the goal to educate the membership in market fundamentals and beyond, allowing the trader to gain confidence in managing their own trades and understanding the best strategies.

Full Transparency

Offering the best trading advisory services also means being transparent with our members. We post the daily trade statistics for each day the market is open on our homepage, allowing our members to see the positive results possible by using our proven strategies.

These factors, combined with the thousands of individual traders who subscribe to Trade Genie and have consistent profits, are what make Trade Genie the best trading advisory service in the market today.

For answers to your questions or to learn more about our membership levels, send us a message or browse our FAQ page.