Take a look at this beauty – MRO.

How pretty it is.

Moving up so nicely.

I love when stock breakout and just keep going.

Great for option play you know.

5 to 7 percent move in stock results in 100% gains in options.

I think we have a great chance of making at least 50% – don’t you think so?

Take a look at KSS chart on Friday – looks similar to MRO?

I think.

And you know what happened?

The option we bought for $6.40 on Friday is trading at $10.40.$400 per contract profit while I was having fun in Laguna Beach, California.

Take a look at BIDU chart.

Do you see something similar?

What happened on Friday and now what is happening today?

Do you think you would have made money if you had gone long BIDU and KSS on Friday.

Well, there you have it.

MRO – Our trade today.

Do not worry – I will let you know how we did it in the coming days just in case you decide to stay on the sidelines.

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