There are a lot of blogs, articles, and even programs that are available to help people to get into the stock options trading world. Unfortunately, a lot of the programs provide a limited explanation of why specific recommendations are made, and many are written by people with limited, if any, experience and expertise in stock market trading.

Trade Genie offers a very different approach. We provide a Beginner package of membership options, which are designed to work with the needs of our members. Each of our membership packages has different criteria, including where the trades are selected from, the number of trades we send per week, and how much time and money members have to invest in stock options trading.

The Educational Component

We provide a range of stock option tips to our members, with the tips customized to their membership level as well as their specific investments. One of the most valuable tips and educational options we provide as part of our membership packages is trade analysis that highlights specific trades we have recommended.

This analysis allows our members to see how we selected our trade recommendations based on the market and performance, as well as how we determine where advance sell targets are set and how we make our choices. Keep in mind; Trade Genie is not just an advisory service; we also place live trades in the market, which are the same trades we recommend to our members.

We also provide blogs on specific topics of interest to our members and for those looking to increase their understanding of options trading. All of our members receive a full set of emails to provide basic information on the markets. Our members also receive a copy of your Stock/Options Trading System, which provides the framework of our advisory service.

To find out more, sign up today for the membership plan that best suits your level of experience in options trades.

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