High Growth Potential

Trade Genie is a noted and reputable company that has had great success with its options trading strategies. This is why we have had many winners since 2010. One of the main keys to our company’s success is because of Master Trader Mr. Noshee Khan. Mr. Khan’s analytical skills is what helped him to develop the options trading strategies that enabled him to quit his $120 per hour job as an enterprise software consultant and be able to trade for a living.

Trade Genie has the background and experience in options trading services to help clients consistently be profitable in their options trading. Many other stock options advisory firms do not have the expertise in trading that we do; as a result, they sell subscriptions to methods that do not work with any consistency. Many of those firms will even subscriber to their competitors’ services just so they can offer stock and options alerts and pass them off as their own, but in reality, they do not know how to trade the market. As a result, they cannot offer any real advisory service to their clients.

At Trade Genie, we have a proven track record of winning trades, averaging over 91% in winners; thus, you can trust our strategy and our guidance in picking the companies and setting up the options so that you consistently win and profit from your trades. We offer many subscription services for both beginner and intermediate levels of traders, even for those just starting out. Let our proven strategies and guidance help you to realize consistent success from trading options today.