Stock Advise

Trade Genie is an established company that has had a great deal of success with its stock advisory services since it was established in 2010. We have averaged over 91% in winners with our stock selections for clients. A main reason why our stock advisory services have been so successful because our selections are based on the proven trading method of our Master Trader, Mr. Noshee Khan, who has an MBA in finance, along with a great deal of experience in software design, programming, systems analysis, and implementation.

The best stock advisory services are those that are rooted in sound market analysis and combined with cutting-edge in-house technical tools to analyze the stock market in real time. This is why we have been able to repeat our success consistently for over 10 years. Other companies will just throw out any strategy to appease its client base, having no real idea or proof it will work.

At Trade Genie, we use Mr. Khan’s reputable system to thoroughly analyze the market to determine what stocks are likeliest to gain in value and lose value, then execute the specific trades needed immediately in order to consistently beat the market and profit. Our experience includes over 39,000 hours of trading on the market, making as much as $223,000 profit in one day, and having a dedicated worldwide subscriber following of 53,000.

Our ‘Duplicating Success’ stock trading course will not only teach you the strategies and techniques the world’s best traders use to consistently succeed on the world’s stock exchanges, but also the psychology behind these strategies so that you can enjoy much more success in stock trading. Join us today and enjoy consistent success and profit from your trading.