Market Advisory Services

Trade Genie is known for its consistently successful stock market advisory services since its establishment in 2010, averaging over 91% in choosing winners and over 61% in average gain for our clients. Mr. Noshee Khan, our Master Trader, is a key reason why Trade Genie has been so successful in its stock market advisory services, as Mr. Khan has spent many hours honing and perfecting his proven strategy of picking the stocks most likely to increase in value.

The best stock market advisory services use proven and sound market analysis, along with in-house advanced technical tools in order to assess what the stock market is doing at any given moment. This is the only way a trader can consistently earn from trading on the stock market. Other companies will just present a strategy to its clients in hopes that the strategy will work out.

At Trade Genie, we analyze the stock market continuously using Mr. Khan’s reputable and proven system so that we are confident in knowing what stocks are likeliest to appreciate in value and what ones are likeliest to fall. We then execute the trades to profit from that knowledge over and over again to see reliable, proven results and profit. That knowledge includes making over $223,000 profit in just one day, employing over 39,000 hours of trading on the market and having 53,000 dedicated subscribers worldwide.

Our ‘Duplicating Success’ stock trading course teaches you the methodology and the psychology that the world’s best traders use to consistently succeed on the world’s stock exchanges. Knowing not only what to do, but why you should do greatly increases your ability to consistently profit from your stock trading. Join us today and enjoy consistent success and profit from your trading.