Stock Options Trading Strategies

Trade Genie is a noted company with a proven track record of great success with its stock options trading strategies. One of the keys to our proven track record is the proven strategies and skills of our Master Trader, Mr. Noshee Khan. His analytical skills is what helped him to develop the stock options trading strategies that enabled him to quit his career as an enterprise software consultant and trade for a living full-time.

Additionally, Trade Genie has provided over 10 years of stock options trading strategies because we focus on transparency and trust, providing excellent customer service, powerful technical analysis, and an extended track record of trading success, averaging over 91% in winning trades.

Many of our competitors have far less experience in trading options than we do; what they do is offer subscriptions to strategies and methods that are inconsistent at best, and just plain do not work at all at worst. Some even subscribe to competitors’ sites to learn when alerts for options and stocks go out, then pass them off as their own. As a result, they have no advisory knowledge on what to do in specific market conditions; therefore, those who subscribe to their services are left to figure out on their own what to do when the stock market moves one way or another.

Here at Trade Genie, we provide real analysis and insight into what it takes to consistently win at your trade. We offer many subscription services for both beginner and intermediate levels of traders, even those with no experience. Use our proven strategies and gain from our guidance in order to find the consistent success you are looking for from trading options.