Stock options trading is a very different investment opportunity than other types of investment classes. Understanding the trading strategy behind successful trades is a critical part of seeing continued earnings and success with trades.

Many of the new members at Trade Genie have tried to use blogs and short courses on stock options trading to get started. What they discovered is that this is a much more complex investment process and requires the use of a strategy. Unfortunately, many of the websites and blogs recommending stock options trading strategies are not written by traders with a proven track record of success.

Instead, this advice jumps around between different stock options trading strategies, which are often simplified and watered down until they are no longer effective. With this in mind, it is no wonder the results are unpredictable and the advice or recommendations for trades are inconsistent and may even contradict previous recommendations.

The Proven Expertise of Trade Genie

Trade Genie provides consistent, proven, and reliable stock options trading strategies developed by Master Trader Noshee Kahn. Unlike some services, Trade Genie trading alerts, strategies, and recommendations are developed by our Master Trader based on ongoing analysis of the market. In addition, Mr. Khan is also an active trader, using the same data and trading strategies recommended to our members.

Trade Genie provides all the information needed to effectively carry out the given stock options trading strategy based on the specifics of the market and the stock. We also offer guidance, education, and coaching services to help members continue to build their expertise and understanding of stock options trading. To find out more, reach us online for additional information.